Media Relations

newsmedia retro tvToday a plethora of blogs, podcasts and online news sites compete to break the news of the day as traditional media outlets struggle to make their versions of the same story “new.”

The 24-hour news cycle afforded by the Web and cable created a paradigm shift throughout  the entire media relations landscape. The result is an entirely new media environment hungry for news with entirely new distribution channels.

Navigating this new media landscape doesn’t need to be a daunting task.  Medici has nearly two decades of developing publicity programs for clients across many disciplines and industry sectors.  An expert media strategist, Medici advises clients based on their goals and what social media tactics can be implemented, such as an  exclusive interview with a Web-based outlet or blog, or  a full multimedia campaign that consists of both new and traditional outlets.

social mediaWhether a client is just getting familiar with search engine optimization or considering a corporate website, Facebook page, Twitter account or blog strategy, Medici understands the changing landscape and knows how to secure “smarter” press coverage that “moves the needle” and resonates with a particular core audience.  His audience-centric approach to media relations generates powerful results, whether it’s conducing executive visibility, brand building or engaged in crisis communications and issues management.