Media Training

Nothing ever is off-the-record, especially in today’s 24/7 media relations landscape. Every outlet from national newspapers to blogs to television networks all are competing for the same news, creating a sometimes hostile and confusing media landscape. To break through the clutter, journalists can push sources off their game to get controversial or inflammatory sound bites.

But don’t fear the media engagement. Media interviews are opportunities. Possessing the tools for conducting a successful interview does not occur by happenstance. They can be learned and honed with practiced. With the right skills, these “information exchanges” allow individuals to control key messages and deliver their story.

Medici has helped scores of Fortune 500 executives, entertainers and start-up CEOs to become more successful in the art of the media interview. Full or half-day individual or group sessions can be arranged using video camera playback, mock interview scenarios and key message delivery.

Medici’s 360° methodology provides participants with an in-depth overview of how reporters approach each interview, while teaching specific techniques such as bridging and flagging to ensure a successful dialogue. Other media training areas include:

  • Mastering a live radio, TV or Web opportunity
  • Managing difficult media situations
  • Conducting a telephone or in-person interview
  • Working with blogs, podcasts and other new media
  • What NOT to wear for broadcast or Web-based opportunities