Message Delivery

Wouldn’t it be great if there were magic words that can be said aloud to automatically capture someone’s undivided attention?

The reality is that there are no supernatural phrases in the art of public speaking and corporate communications. Knowing how to connect the right key message to the appropriate target audience, however, makes great communicators out of ordinary spokespeople. Resonating with a target audience is essential for a spokesperson to better sell a product, service, theme or mindset.

Knowing what to say and how to say it is critical to any communications exchange.  George Medici has worked with scores of clients and individuals, providing them with the tools to be better communicators, whether they are conducting a media interview, delivering a keynote speech or leading a board meeting.

Medici’s four-step message development and immersion method helps organizations effectively communicate with their target audiences. He begins with identifying a client’s appropriate key audiences, while determining each group’s particular wants and needs. He then considers a client’s business goals and desired outcomes to craft a message platform that will resonate and engage each key audience. By testing and validating key messages against each target audience, he ensures clients will engage in the most effective communications strategy.